Hemp CBD Legal Facts

Legal Standing of CBD Derived from HEMP.

We all know that Marijuana is illegal right?

so shouldn’t Hemp be illegal too?

These are common questions and misconceptions we hear all the time, but You’d be right if you lived in the USA prior to 2014.

You probably know someone who has been busted for smoking the devils lettuce…

Thankfully, research and sound minds have prevailed on this issue, and as of the 2014 Farm Bill, There is finally starting to be some clarity.

Hopefully the 2018 Hemp Farming Act will solidify this permanently and clear the air of any remaining doubt.

So lets get to the heart of the matter and cut thru the propaganda…


First,  you need to know that Marijuana and Agricultural Hemp although very similar and part of the same species of Flowering Plants within the Cannabaceae family, Cannabis has been genetically manipulated and intentionally breed to make both of these variation quite different.

The Main point to note is that Agricultural Hemp has been throughly breed to have next to ZERO THC (Less than 0.3%), making it useless as an illicit drug, because it has no high, or any known mind altering effects or Psychotropic properties. This variation of the plant was successfully introduced into legislation via the 2014 Farm Bill here in the US to help the american economy and help aid research into the re-discovery of ancient medicinal properties of Marijuana.

Needless to say Marijuana has had a turbulent past… historically it has being used as an american cash crop during the founding of our nation, while the colonies were getting set up. In fact more than a Few of the founding fathers of the USA mandated the growth of HEMP for the use in textiles, and as oil for lamps, rope for sailing, nutritional supplements and feed for live stock. If fact the USA even mandated states to produce Hemp in the early 1900’s during the world war 2 to help the US military with much of its need for strong fiber.

Unfortunatley, while the US government is no stranger to HEMP, many Americans still are.  It was exactly because of It’s Many uses and ease of growth that Powerful Corporate Interests in the USA, lobbied to make it Illegal after the prohibition of alcohol ended.

Lucky for us and you, 2014 proved to be the start of the END of Cannabis Prohibition here in the US. Not only did many states institute Medical Marijuana programs in 2014, but congress passed and President Obama signed into law the 2014 Farm Bill which included language that made Research in Hemp and Hemp based product possible.


This video has a great real brief History of Cannabis and can explain it all very well and in under 4:20.


If you watched the above video, you know It ended in 2014 right here in Florida, right before the Novenber 4th vote that also changed our states Marijuana Policy for the better.  When Floridians voted and it passed, we made a change to our states policy to also allow for Medical Marijuana in our state. Great News for Florida!

Now if you want to know how we got to this precarious situation, Watch This Video as it Describes the corruption with in society and the Deep Corporate Commercial Interests that lead to the Hemp Prohibition in the early 1900’s.


This video offers some rather good commentary on the 2014 Farm Bill…


In early 2018 Senator Mitch McConnell Announced proposed legalization of Hemp in the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.
Watch the proposition videos by Senator Mitch McConnell below.

Now finally in July of 2018, The Bill has passed the senate, is currently in the house awaiting approval and if approved by the house will go to President Trumps desk to be signed into law. This will be the clarity this industry needs!

Watch the US Senate Agricultural Committee Pass the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 below.

Watch The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 Press Conference, with Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


If you are interested in helping the Hemp Movement, NOW is the time to contact your senators and congressmen and tell them to support H.R. 5485 – Hemp Farming Act of 2018 and S.2667 – Hemp Farming Act of 2018.



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